Archectictual drawing of the proposed chalet with a third floor and a clock tower housing an elevator shaft.

Chester Bowl Announces Public Phase of Capital Campaign Fundraising

Chester Bowl is excited to announce that it is transitioning from the “quiet” phase of fundraising to the “public” phase! The kickoff event is at 11am on Sunday, March 12th, on the alpine hill across Chester Creek from the Thom Storm Chalet, and everyone is invited! This media event is the start of the robust public fundraising campaign, including media appearances, email, letter, and phone/text campaigns, social media campaigns, a series of open houses, and much more!

Chester Bowl has raised $530,000 to date for the building. There is a significant Federal grant that we will apply for with the City of Duluth that can pay for up to half of the $2.7 million cost of the buildingbut we need to have the matching half raised first. Therefore, the campaign goal is to raise at least $820,000 in this public phase.

Chester Bowl staff and volunteers are confident that the love the community has for the park, the Thom Storm Chalet, and Chester Bowl programming will translate into a successful campaign, ensuring that an expanded and renovated Chalet serves generations of children and families to come.

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