Schematic Design Drafts Unveiled

Architecture firm LHB has unveiled its initial drafts of the schematic design of the renovated Thom Storm Chalet.

LHB facilitated a series of public meetings in fall 2015 and developed a concept drawing of the exterior and layout of the renovated chalet in January, 2016. The schematic design drafts are the product of public meetings and input from Chester Bowl leadership.

Draft plans for the exterior south side of the Thom Storm Chalet.

The schematic designs include a new third floor, where the caretaker apartment will be, which opens up the main floor for Chester Bowl activities.

“These initial drafts of the Thom Storm Chalet show how our space will double in size within nearly the existing footprint of our current Chalet,” said Dave Schaeffer, executive director of the Chester Bowl Improvement Club. “More space will allow us to grow our Summer Adventure Camp and help us meet winter programming needs.”

“It’s exciting to see these plans take shape,” said Deb Kellner, capital campaign building design chair. “We’re one step closer to making the updated Thom Storm Chalet a reality.”

“It has been a pleasure to be involved with this project since the conceptual phase, and we were delighted to be chosen as the architects to complete this project,” said Brandee Lian, Project Architect at LHB. “We appreciate the opportunity to design a building that will serve generations of Duluthians as they learn to love the outdoors.”

These drafts will be submitted to the Duluth Planning Department and Parks Commission for final review.

For more information on giving to the Growing Up Chester capital campaign, contact one of the Growing Up Chester fundraising co-chairs:
Curt Leitz | 218-341-1017 | email
Corbin Smyth | 218-590-4874 | email

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